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4-Days Paramaribo 2022
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Destination information

Due to the nature of this trip and of the country, unforeseen circumstances may occur, which means that the program can not be fully implemented as planned. In consultation with the local counselor and contact person, consultations are sought and solutions are sought in such cases.

Paramaribo is malaria free, but not all places in the interior. The places of our jungle trip are Malaria free. However, you are free to take Malaria tablets anyway. Dengue (dengue fever) also occurs. In addition, we recommend vaccinations against DTP and hepatitis A. Consult your local Health Service.
Although the hygienic conditions in Suriname are reasonable to good, it is wise to pay some attention to what you eat and drink. To protect you from mosquitoes, we advise you to take an anti-mosquito agent with the DEET component (40 to 50%). Mosquito nets are present at all accommodations where we spend the night inland.

It is difficult to say if there is a working vaccine against corona before the start of the Walking Tour. In these times of corona scientists urge us to keep moving.
We use the following to prevent and prevent further spread of the virus.
  • We must limit social contacts as much as possible in the near future to prevent the spread of corona.
  • Stay at your address if you or your roommate have (also mild) complaints such as a cold, sore throat, cough and/or fever.
  • Keep 1.5 meters away from any person who does not belong to your room. This applies to people you pass during your walk, but also to people with whom you are walking together.
  • Pay attention to hygiene, the virus spreads through drops of moisture, such as snot and saliva. So don't spit on the ground. If you get a runny nose on the way, blow your nose in a paper handkerchief and throw it in a waste bin. Cough and sneeze into your elbow. Touch as few objects as possible along the way. If you touch something, do not put your hand in your face afterwards. Disinfect your hands at every resting point during the 4 day.
Suriname is a safe tourist destination. Just like in the Netherlands and at any other destination, you also have to be on your guard in Suriname.
Occasionally tourists have to deal with petty crime such as pickpocketing. It is not wise to have a lot of money in your pocket or to walk around with lots of jewelry. Pay attention to your things when many people are close to each other or walk, such as at the bus stations and around the Central Market. Do not just walk in poorly lit and dark deserted streets at night.

The voltage in Suriname is 110 volts.

Phone / iPad / laptop
Free Wi-Fi is available in the hotel. Also in the center of Paramaribo are a number of locations with free WiFi. All devices can be recharged wherever we go. However, during the jungle tour this can only be between 18.30 and 23.30 hours.

Phone range
Virtually all locations (including in the jungle) where we are located are mobile telephone reception. For your iPad or other telephones with internet connection I recommend to buy a Surinam SIM card. See also two countries sim card here.

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