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4-Days Paramaribo 2022
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wCarefree enjoyment of a fully catered walking trip.
Now combine the unforgettable 4-day walking tour of Paramaribo with a fantastic tour through sun-drenched Suriname. It is a safe country, the residents are hospitable and almost everyone speaks English. During your tour, your suitcase will remain in an enclosed area of your hotel.
The beautiful walks start late in the afternoon at a pleasant temperature. The 4-day course is flat, paved and free from everyday road users. Along the way we have enough care items with free water, fruit and various refreshments.
The unique hiking decor in the jungle, with forest giants, lianas, native flowers and plants and the real jungle sounds, leave an indelible impression on you.
The beautiful hotel where you spend the night in Paramaribo is all comfort and fully equipped. During the tour you spend the night in simple neat lodges.
During the round trip in Suriname the rich Surinamese cuisine deserves full attention. Whether at the breakfast buffet, the warm lunch or dinner, everything you find on your plate will make you long for a second helping.
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