Round trip - 4days Paramaribo

4-Days Paramaribo 2022
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What else is there to do during the tour
Besides the 4 day stay in Paramaribo, you get to "discover" the rest of Suriname with its beautiful nature and its famous melting pot of various cultures! The wooden buildings of the historic inner city of Paramaribo are the oldest part of downtown. Since July 2002 the city is on the World Heritage List of UNESCO.
We take you on a journey in which the beauty of Suriname and its unique places become visible in a natural way, without many words. The jungle is the unique setting of a beautiful hiking area with giant trees, and the real jungle sounds of howling monkeys and parrots. Conquer ferocious rapids by boat and bathe in waterfalls. Become acquainted with the Maroon and AmerIndian culture. Other unique highlights include a jungle walk, spotting giant turtles laying eggs on the sandy beaches of the Atlantic Ocean and spotting dolphins and caimans.
4-Days Paramaribo
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