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Accommodations during your tour
2 nights Galibi - Myrysji Lodge

Myrysji Lodge is located directly on the beach of the Marowijne river where you can sunbathe. It is the best accommodation in this area. The very simple rooms come with clean beds with mosquito nets as standard. A number of rooms have their own bathroom with shower and toilet. You make use of the other rooms
of shared plumbing. Myrysji Lodge has 2 to 7 people available per room. During your stay you can use loungers and hammocks to relax. There is no WiFi on Galibi.

1 night at Ston Island
Ston Island is a peninsula located on the right bank of the Brokopondo reservoir. Characteristic of the lake are the tree tops that are decades old and protrude above the water since the dam has been closed. The spacious complex offers various sleeping options ranging from double accommodation to group accommodation for around 20 people which
are all located around the lake. The cottages are very simply furnished with an average of two beds in one room. Some have their own bathroom with shower and toilet. The majority of the accommodations do not have their own sanitary facilities. You use the central shower and toilet groups for this. At Son Eiland you can float in tropical warm water. There is no WiFi available.
1 night Santigron - Eco Parc

Santigron is approximately 30 km from Paramaribo on the Saramaccar River. Hidden in the forest is the Santigron Eco Parc. It is an oasis of peace, full of palm trees in the middle of nature. There are a number of attractive two and four person eco lodges under this green canopy. All lodges have their own sanitary facilities, with hot and cold water.
in the middle of the Parc is the atmospheric wooden main building with palm leaf cover where meals and cultural performances are provided. The park is also equipped with a hammock cabana.

4 nights Jaw Jaw - Jungle Resort Isadou
Jungle Resort Isadou is a small-scale resort on an island with very modest adapted traditional huts. The lodges each have a bathroom with shower and toilet and a private veranda with a view of the river. The lodges have two single beds, two double beds and mosquito nets.
Isadou is located in the middle of the Jaw Jaw rapids with beautiful
views. It is a treat to look for coolness in the Jaw Jaw rapids, surrounded by untouched nature. The resort has a large grass meadow and its own generator so that you have electricity between 7:00 pm and 7:00 am. The resort has telephone coverage and there is free Wi-Fi on the island.
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