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Travel information

Traveling in distant countries
Suriname is outside the 'western world', so you come into contact with other customs. That makes your trip extra interesting, but keep in mind that some things are different than at home. Food, hotels, means of transport and infrastructure can be different from what we are used to in the Netherlands. You can not always compare three-star accommodation in the jungle with a Dutch 3-star accommodation. Due to the small number of tourists visiting a location and the high humidity, an accommodation can become clammy, muffled or stifled more quickly. A bus in Suriname sometimes offers less legroom than a European bus. If you take this type of matter into account beforehand, any delay or inconvenience will not be annoying.

Traveling alone
The costs related to the overnight stays in Paramaribo are based on two people. Of course it is possible to share a double room (separated beds) with a traveling companion of the same sex. If you want to be assured of your own room, we can book it for you. You pay a surcharge for this. The amount of the supplement, from € 17,50 per day, depends on the chosen accommodation.
For the stays during the short tours it is, due to the small scale, very limited possible to reserve a private room. This is the Bigi Pan tour in Nickerie with an overnight stay and the jungle tour in Isadou with two nights.
Visa and passport
For the trip to Suriname you need a tourist card. The tourist card costs ± € 55 per person and can only be purchased digitally and that is HERE.
Upon arrival in Suriname your passport must be valid for at least six months.

Flight Amsterdam-Paramaribo
25 kg of checked baggage and 10 kg of hand baggage are allowed as baggage. During the approximately 9-hour non-stop flight, all meals, snacks and alcoholic drinks are provided free of charge.

In view of the possible tours and trips you can make, it is wise to bring a weekend bag along with your regular suitcase (s). This is easier to store in the various means of transport. We also advise you to bring airy cotton clothing.

In Suriname, it is 5 hours earlier in your presence than in the Netherlands.
Take out travel insurance.


  • camera, video camera
  • easy light closed shoes
  • flashlight and batteries
  • flip flops
  • long pants
  • mosquito repellent
  • rain poncho
  • shirt with long sleeves
  • small backpack or weekend bag
  • socks
  • sun hat or cap
  • sunburn and sunglasses
  • swimwear
  • water shoes
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